Alliance Academy

The Alliance Academy is set out to develop all Alliance staff through internal training and onsite development. All employees are included in the scheme to increase experience, industry knowledge and personal development. ​

What is available?

Online Training

All Alliance employees have access to online training material relevant to their Alliance devision. The training is broken up into stages based on proven experience and title within the company including Ground Staff, Supervisors and Managers. Employees will have the opportunity to become trained in other roles that Alliance offer. 

For more information about online training courses please click below.  ​

Online Courses

Onsite Development

For staff who want to progress in roles, they will be allocated a shift supervisor who will manage a development portfolio. This portfolio is managed through our cloud based booking system so all supervisors and managers can view what experience they have been given and areas that need further guidance. 

If these candidates show the desirable skills they will be invited to progress through to the next stage of development.

Best Practice

Alliance has an appointed manager in every devision thats primary role is to ensure best practice in all operations. This varies from ensuring searches are carried out correctly to quality assuring all consultancy advice through internal audits. By doing this we ensure our teams are continuously operating to the highest of standards, developing as a team and providing the high quality expertise that we promise to our clients. ​