Our Booking System

Alliance uses a bespoke cloud based software to complete its HR, Operations and Communications. Using this cloud base software it enables the Alliance Management Team to ensure every employee is contactable with centralised documents to make communication more simple. 

The software allows management to easily view shift allocations, recruitment requirements and payroll queries. It also ensures all essential documents are accessible to the staff, tracks employee compliance and allows the team to effectively communicate any issues.

Human Resources

  • Compliance (screening and vetting)

  • Online applications

  • Employment document​​​​

  • ​Statistics and analysis 

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 14.33.33.png


  • Accessible and centralised documents

  • Able to view allocated shifts and rota​

  • Shift and position allocation

  • Sign in and sign out app to increase accuracy of payroll

  • Keep track of deployment numbers

  • View upcoming training days and qualification refreshers

Our Mission

  • Able to communicate directly with employees

  • Centralised documents and shift briefs 

  • Distribute company news or important changes

  • Create groups  - Useful with team familiarisation and sector updates.