Manned Guarding

Alliance Services understands the vital importance of a customer focused security presence in order to mitigate unauthorised access and the ensure the safety of people and commercial premises

To ensure we provide a trusted and reliable service, we create a clear management structure, a robust recruitment process and also provide ongoing employee training and development ensuring that our teams are experienced, competent and are continuously updated with the latest information and skills.

With over 300 fully trained and competent staff working across the UK, Alliance is able to give a UK reach in its manned guarding operations. 

All of our manned guarding staff are SIA qualified with extensive experience and put through additional internal training. We believe it is vital to have competent staff safeguarding people and property. 

Our management team will provide an initial assessment on the requirements and will continuously review the service to ensure it is up to the highest standard. ​​

We operate our manned guarding services in a variety of locations around the UK including; 
  • Office and Building

  • Construction Sites

  • Shopping Centres

  • Exhibitions 

  • Commercial Premises

  • Educational Establishments

  • SIA Qualified

  • Put through additional internal training 

  • Customer focused

  • First Aid qualified (shopping centres.​

We provide staff who are; 
"For our placemaking projects, we need a security team who are not only there for the public safety but also for the full experience and providing a public facing approach to their response. The staff are professional and reliable, and all clearly have years’ experience in the industry”